Monday, 15 February 2010

Avoiding Character Work -_-

I have been, unfortunately lol but I did take some time to look at doing a background for Beth - I'm working on some others at the moment, but this is the only finished one so far (I've done it twice actually, but accidentally deleted it the first time -_-). I wanted to put it up here as I've loads of different versions of this one because I used different combinations of two sheet textures and four floor textures. Putting them all up on here means Beth can see and tell me which one she hates the least XD They're very different from the other background artist's - his have much cleaner lines and he's started using this lovely spirally thing on the walls, all black and white inkness, very nice :) so nevermind, at least I got to do some stuff, and I still have more to do :) Sorry though Beth >.<
So yeah, here you go ^_^

1 comment:

  1. I really like it actually, but it needs far more washed out colour, that's nice but way too vibrant if you go on my blog ive put some stuff on there in the style that I want very tim burtonesk. I quite like the textures of the bottom too but they are too bright. Maybe a bit more skaetchy too cos its very clean atm. Thanks though this is great!