Sunday, 24 January 2010

Background Sketches and Colourscript

Just thought I'd upload some of the very quick bg sketches I did on ArtRage - just testing colours and layout, making quick notes of what ones I want in my animatic. Also have the colourscript development and the colourscript itself - it's very rough because I wanted to just focus on block colours, and if I start to paint in any more detail, I'd end up with it far too complicated -_- I hope it'll be ok!

Deadline Approaches :(

So I'm only going to be quick, as I have serious amounts to do! I had to work from 7am til 2pm today, so had a late start on the art stuffs :/ looks like a lack of sleep for me tonight. But it's all good ^_^ *dies* Anyway, below are some more sketch sheets and Character Construction Development sheets for my Buffy stuff, and a new Rough Storyboard sketched out for the Title Sequence. Not too much left to do, but what's left is important, so I better crack on TT_TT

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Aaaahhh I'll Never Finish!

Ahhh is right >.< I've gotta finish all this pre-production work to finish by tuesday, and I'm completely behind because the tutors never seem to like what I've done. Then again, I'm not all that pleased with it either, so I can see where they're coming from. I really don't know if I'll finish it all on time, and now I've got the new Advanced Tech brief, which, though it shouldn't be too hard, is still more to do. So right now I'm very stressed and determined not to sleep until I pull my finger out (metaphorically) and get this all done!! Below are the rough storyboards that I used for the rough animatic storyboards, one page of sketched stuff for the star, and lots of Buffy development -_- I'm thinking of going with some of the lower designs and directing it towards a stop-motion outcome. What do you think?

Friday, 15 January 2010

Rough Storyboards Galore

Here are the rough storyboard/animatics that I have so far for my title sequence - obviously they won't look like this, I just quickly blocked them in so I had an idea for timing and what I could include. The first three are mostly the same but with little changes, while the rest have music samples with them. Each track is mentioned above the video it's used in. Obviously I won't be using these tracks as they are copyrighted, it's just to figure out what sort of music I'm after for the final thing.

Music: Ellie Badge from Up! soundtrack

Music: In The Rain from Howl's Moving Castle soundtrack

Music: Moon Dance from Corpse Bride soundtrack

Music: Dreams Are Dangerous from Coraline soundtrack

Music: Piano track from Final Fantasy X soundtrack (I think)

So, lots to do, but Nikki really liked the last one and was very positive about my work, so I'm feeling good :D

Messing About On ArtRage

Here are a bunch more experimental pages from my ArtRage fun :P I like the blue and purple background, it really captures the blend-y ink-y feel of my book (I hope lol) and I've finally figured out which media I'm using for each bit (it's written in one of the below images, along with an example of the girl and star) though the colours will be a bit different - I want to make the yellow and orange a bit brighter, and take some of the blue from the girl's face. All good fun though :)

Next post will be a series of rough storyboards done on Toon Boom with different music tracks to help figure out what feeling I want in the piece.

The Star That Lost His Shine

So I realised I hadn't actually put up any of the work from the children's book that I am basing this animated title sequence on lol it's only half finished, still about 20 pages to pencil/ink in, so quite a lot left to do, but I thought it'd be good just to put up what I've got so far, just so you can see the references in the animatic stuff. So here ya go, original pages by me, all done in inks on A3 watercolour paper (though it won't make sense as I've done pages at random, missing out pages in between lol):

This sort of inky style is what I will be attempting to replicate using ArtRage - it's taking a while but I'm getting there slowly!