Friday, 15 January 2010

Rough Storyboards Galore

Here are the rough storyboard/animatics that I have so far for my title sequence - obviously they won't look like this, I just quickly blocked them in so I had an idea for timing and what I could include. The first three are mostly the same but with little changes, while the rest have music samples with them. Each track is mentioned above the video it's used in. Obviously I won't be using these tracks as they are copyrighted, it's just to figure out what sort of music I'm after for the final thing.

Music: Ellie Badge from Up! soundtrack

Music: In The Rain from Howl's Moving Castle soundtrack

Music: Moon Dance from Corpse Bride soundtrack

Music: Dreams Are Dangerous from Coraline soundtrack

Music: Piano track from Final Fantasy X soundtrack (I think)

So, lots to do, but Nikki really liked the last one and was very positive about my work, so I'm feeling good :D

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