Thursday, 3 December 2009

Another Blog!

Yes, we have finally started our Final Major Porject of second year 2D Animation, and as a Design for Animation student, I now have 3 seperate projects to juggle for the next 6 months. It'll be an awful lot of work, but I'm really looking forward to it ^_^

First project is a character redesign brief - I'm gonig to take the cast of Buffy and redesign them for an animated series (though I don't know what media or age group yet).

Second is a animated series title sequence for a show of our choice, or a game or film trailer. No animation, but a final animatic and full storyboards are needed. No idea about this one yet, but I'll get one eventually (I may decide to do an animated title sequence for a children's book that I wrote and painted half of in summer)

Third is a collaboration project with whoever we like, doing some of the design or prep work for whatever project they are creating. I have been speaking to a number of people - two possible Toon Boom colouring requests for final animations in my 2D class, a story/character creation help request for a 2D animator, and a current working idea for a character design from a member of CG.

So yes, we'll see :) All sounds fun ^_^ So...on we go!

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