Thursday, 25 March 2010

Character Overhaul

So, you may have seen in a previous post how my character work wasn't going too smoothly. Well, I am still struggling, BUT all is not lost as I've had some nice progress and am quite happy with the direction I'm heading in now. The best thing is, so are the tutors :D Having them support my designs and able to see the potential in them is very encouraging, so hopefully I'll have a lot more work done soon. In hand with that I figured I should put up the work I've done so far, so that you can all see how it's working, and hopefully give me some advice on how to go further with Buffy herself, and (when I get some sketches up) how to do the men.

Anyway, yes, here are my recent sketches of Willow, now finalised, and WIP sketches of Buffy, still designing.

This is what I did when I was still working on the old designs. I liked the colours so stuck with this palette, but as you'll see, the character is completely different.

I did a number of sketches to get to this point, but I didn't really want to put them up on here lol basically I started elongating the figure and making her more humanesque while still trying to keep the flowing proportions on her hands and legs, and the teardrop shape of her torso. She changed quite a bit, obviously, and it took a number of sketches to get her to this form. But I really liked it, and decided to fine tune it until it was ok for finalising.

I tried a coloured one to see if it would work in pencil but it was too rough and the colours weren't quite right, so I felt I'd just do it on photoshop.

This was the pencil sketch I did of her that I really liked - I'd done one or two costume versions and this is the one I preferred. I then did a very quick colour on photoshop to get the colour palette right, and then tried simple burn shading. A texture improved it too, but I decided I really wanted to go all out on textures and really explore how 'stop-mo' I could get it.

This is my first version of the final Willow. It's only from the same quick sketch, so I'm going to redraw and ink it properly, probably in a number of poses too - the reason I put a black pen link on is because some of the outlines were spoiled by me not selecting things properly. I liked the black line in the end though, and will ink one in for the final, though probably not as thick. I like this colour palette, and the textures were really enjoyable to do - this is encouraging for me as I really want to follow that type of career path *colourist and sequential artist* ^_^ but yeah, I like this, but lots of improvement to be done.

Buffy I am struggling on. This is what I drew when I first knew my old character designs weren't going to work - I went entirely the opposite and made her completely human with an odd head, which just didn't sit right. So I tried to meet the designs in the middle from then on.

This is the collective sheet - as you can see I'm very unsure as to exactly how I want the character to turn out. I know I want her to have chunky upper arms and legs, to represent her strength and speed as a fighter. I'm happy with her hair and mostly her face, though things keep moving around.

This is just one that I accidentally left off the collective sheet. I quite like her shape though, and it is a rough idea of what I'm leaning towards.

This is a horrible quick colour in to see if the shapes would look ok fleshed out a bit. Of course, the shading is horrific, the outline is grey for some reason and the perspective kills me lol so I'll do a new one asap that's done nicely like the Willow on :)

So yeah, that's around where I am now, and I'll try and keep you updated on the rest of it.

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