Monday, 5 April 2010

Finalised Buffy?!

So this is where I sort of was with the Buffy design - very slowly getting there but really not happy with how it was all sitting together, so I decided to give it another go.

So I tried a slightly different approach, but neither of these really fit the character. But I did like the bottoms of the trainers and the lower waistband of the jeans.

Then I drew this one, and really liked it, except for the face. I decided to scan it in and see if I could fix the face on photoshop - pretty unusual for me as I'm usually too scared to draw anything straight into the computer XD

So this is the base colours of the character, with the cleaned up lines and face - looks pretty cool, sort of graphic novel-y :)

I gave her a quick background that contrasted nicely with the basic colours :) pretty fun.

Next step was experimenting with textures - the next four are some of the combinations I tried.

This was the final texture combination I chose - different from Willows and pertaining to Buffy's character and idea.

Then I did some burning for shading, seems to work for me :) though I'm not 100% about the jeans.

So yeah, I'm quite happy with this - I'm hoping the tutors will be too, but even if not, I kinda need to get on with the other characters lol

In other areas, I'm making good progress on my (now traditional) backgrounds for the animatic, have laid out all the 133 slides for my visual journal and looking forward to colouring in Sian's film :D Unfortunately, I also have A LOT of stuff to do before I'm anywhere near finished with anything, so it's going to be touch and go as to whether or not I'll finish in time :/

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