Friday, 21 May 2010


Well, it's currently about 3.30am, the morning of deadline day, and I still have a number of things to do.

1) Two in situs done, will upload those in a moment, as I'm rather proud of them. One left to do.

2) Just about to colour in the poster, textures and all.

3) Need to do all the file organise-y stuff, as per usual.

4) Still have about 25 shots of Sian's film to colour. I'm really enjoying it, and it is what I want to do in my career - I didn't buy my own version of Animate just for the fun of it. But as she was so late in finishing the actual animation of her film, I've been given the responsibility of colouring the entire thing, today. I did it for about 9 hours straight in Uni, did shots 1 to 14 -_- there are 39 shots, though Sian has thankfully done around 4 or 5 at the end, and I think Beth helped with one too. But it's not just colouring - I have to clean it all up too, as Sian didn't have time for any clean up at all, and most of her frames are just construction lines! So I'm practically redrawing, lining up, setting out the timing from her charts and then colouring her whole film! Epic job, seriously - don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all, I just hope the tutors will know exactly what I had to do get it done...which I haven't yet but hey, optimism!

5) Need to take 10seconds of Sian's film for the Advanced Tech.

6) My finished animatic (yay) is over 1GB in size (booo) and I can't do anything about it as I had to change the file for storyboarding, so uhhh, sorry tutors!!!

I'm sure there was more stuff, but I'm very tired yet hyped on my second, or is it third, can of Relentless, and I have lots to do. I'm not alone though - Amy's on msn powering away with me :D

Here are the in-situs, and the final visuals for my animatic ^_^

In-situs (I can't decide which one to go with for the first one yet, opinions will be needed):

The first visual:

Second one:

Third one:

Fourth one, version one:

Version two:

Version three:

I think I'm going with version one, people seem to like it best.

Well there you are. I would put up my animatic, but it's massive. Sorry if this has been unprofessional or has lots of spelling mistakes - I'm very tired and not a little stressed, so I'm not sure I mind XD at least work is being done!

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