Saturday, 1 May 2010


So, the last of the characters, and my favourite of the men! Spike needed to look confident, strong but agile, and above all, threatening and a little bit dead. He is a vampire after all. I had a few problems at first, but eventually found a design I liked. Here are the initial sketches:

I then took this final design and did the base colours in photoshop (adding a background texture relatively quickly):

I again experimented with lots of textures, which was good because I was initially was going to use a leather texture on his coat, but found one much more suitable:

I had trouble choosing certain areas, so narrowed it down to a choice of four:

I then shaded with the colour burn too, adjusted the contrast a little, and ended up with my final Spike :)

So, now on to all the rest of the stuff. This week has been so stressful I can barely keep focused on what to do next, but we're all feeling it, but we'll all manage somehow :)

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  1. Thanks for the explanation! It's looking good!
    I love hearing artists think out loud. I'm the same way :) Stop by for my demo too!