Monday, 24 May 2010

Coloured Shots

*UPDATED* - The lovely Sian and Mat have new blogs now, so their links have been replaced - go and see their most excellent work!!

Well it's all over now :D I thought I'd just put a few videos up of what I'd coloured for Sian in the last few days (epic fun but so hard). I'm currently working on my showreel and about to submit the Advanced Tech. I will be putting up the Evaluation post soon too, as the final part of this project. More of the film can been seen on Sian's blog so you should go look there ^_^ and also, as Mat did the backgrounds, here's a link to his too:

Here are the shots I coloured for her:

All animation done by Sian Jefferson 2010 from the film 'No Pie For You'. All colouring by me.

I wish I'd had a lot longer to do this as many of the shots were not given enough clean up or colouring time, and as a result I feel I've damaged Sian's wonderful drawing and animation. So, I feel a bit rubbish about that.


  1. I like the colour palette you've chosen. Nice job!
    Good luck on the show reel!

  2. Thanks a lot ^_^ The clean up needed a lot more work, but as it was the day before the deadline, the quality suffered in many ways TT_TT but I really enjoyed it and would definitely like to do some more colour work!